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[Обсуждения (Android)] Hit the racket several times: what they say about ... player Rublyov

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Опубликовано 2021-08-20 13:44:00 | Показать только сообщения автора

Russian tennis player Elena Malykh accused her coach Marina Marienko - the mother of Andrei Rublev, who ranks seventh in the ATP rankings - of beatings, humiliation and theft. The 18-year-old athlete filed a police complaint with the specialist who raised Anna Kournikova. Malykh also said that the teachers at her sports school are allegedly engaged in extortion of money under the threat of expulsion. Maryenko, in response, stated that what Malykh said was not true, and the girl herself took part in night betting matches and did not fulfill coaching tasks. Maryenko is known in the world of tennis much more. She brought up the former  pin up tr  first racket of the world in doubles and two-time Australian Open champion Anna Kournikova, and also worked with Irina Khromacheva and Daria Gavrilova for some time. For the success of her students, Maryenko received the title of Honored Coach of Russia. She also brought Andrei Rublev to tennis, but did not train him on her own. Maryenko denied the accusations against her. She said that there really was a conflict between her and Malykh because of training, but she did not resort to violence. She took the athlete's belongings in order to then hand them over to her parents.

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