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[Обсуждения (Android)] The defeat before the World Cup: Russia ... Czech Repub...

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Опубликовано 2021-08-16 13:38:56 | Показать только сообщения автора

The Russian national team lost to the Czech Republic in the final match of Euro Hockey Tour. Valery Bragin's wards lost 0: 4. The national team conceded four goals for the fourth time in a row and failed to score a single one for the first time in a year. This defeat took place less than a week before the new meeting with the Czechs already within the framework of the first  pin up giris  round of the World Championship in Latvia. The Russian national team finished the Czech stage of the Euro Hockey Tour with a match with its hosts. Thanks to the fact that Sweden defeated Finland 3-2 earlier that day, Valery Bragin's charges have a chance to set an impressive achievement - for the first time in 13 years to win all individual mini-tournaments in one season. To do this, in a meeting with the Czech Republic, it was necessary to score three points.