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[Обсуждения (Android)] Decreased competition and loss of motivation

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Опубликовано 2021-07-16 10:11:42 | Показать только сообщения автора

The fight between Russians Dmitry Kudryashov and Evgeny Romanov could become an important event in the history of professional boxing. On May 21 in Khimki, some of the strongest representatives of the country will come together in the first heavy and heavy weights, and the winner will become the first holder of the title in a new weight category - bridgerway (from 90.7 to 101.6 kg). At the end of 2020, it was introduced by the World Boxing Council (WBC), named after a young native  pin up kz  of Wyoming, Bridger Walker. In the summer of last year, the boy protected his sister from a shepherd who attacked her, after which he was awarded the title of WBC Honorary Champion. The title fight between Kudryashov and Romanov will be one of the first in this category. Her official debut took place in early April, when Cuban Geovani Bruzon defeated Mexican Herman Garcia to win the WBC Bridger Latino title. Prior to this, the WBC was engaged in the formation of the list of representatives of the new weight. At the same time, three other influential organizations have not yet recognized bridgerwaite, as evidenced by the lack of mention of it on the official websites of the WBA, WBO and IBF.