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[Обсуждения (Android)] Rubin goalkeeper, Sochi playmaker and Zenit super bomber

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Опубликовано 2021-07-12 21:01:25 | Показать только сообщения автора

Rubin goalkeeper Yuri Dyupin played six matches to zero in 2021, saved two penalties and helped his team to break into European cups. Vedran Chorluka at the age of 35 continued to cement the defense of Lokomotiv and led the railway workers to bronze medals. 12 goals and seven assists by another veteran, Christian Noboa, put Sochi sensationally in the top five. And 20 goals of Zenit striker Artem Dziuba ensured him the title of the best scorer of the tournament. RT represents the symbolic team of the RPL season. On May 16, the next drawing of the national football  pin up kz  championship ended. According to its results, RT made up its symbolic team of the tournament, as well as its replacement version. The first included goalkeeper Yuri Dupin, defenders Mario Fernandez, Roman Evgeniev, Vedran Chorluka and Douglas Santos, midfielders Vilmar Barrios, Christian Noboa and Grzegorz Krykhovyak, flank strikers Khvicha Kvaratskhelia and Jordan Larissuvard, as well as Art.